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Intention setting for healthy goals

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

This video is my little take on setting intentions for the New Year so you can create a way of living that brings you the most joy. We so often see the phrase “New Year, New You” plastered across the bill boards and have this pressure to improve ourselves, or become something else. This ties into the idea of failure & how we think we should be.

I believe it’s important to recognise that you are already enough. The secret is to remember that part of yourself that is already there- in Sanskrit they call this Smarana. Coming home to yourself. Deep within each & everyone of us there is a wisdom residing within, waiting calmly & patiently to be remembered.

Setting intentions we can paint a bigger picture. Go beyond trying to fix or change ourselves & look at the intention behind the goals we set. What is the root of the reason why I want to make a change in my life? What is missing in my life? This way we can set healthy constructive goals that unpick the habits or thought patterns & help us create lifestyle changes that stick. I share my top tips for setting goals & healthy intentions that shapes a new perspective to find a way of living that is full & nourishing.


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