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7 Day Breath Series


Online Breath Course

This 7 day breathing series is a step by step approach to feeling intimately into the subtler parts of the body that aid a fuller deeper breath. These sessions vary from 5-10 minutes per day and sequentially build towards a final sessions that ties the lessons into one.

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Day 1

The intercostals

A lying down practice to encourage activation of the intercostal muscles between the ribs to create more space for the lungs to expand. 

Day 2

The spine

A lying down practice to accentuate the movement of the spine and wake up the diaphragm.

Day 3

The ribs

A seated practice building upon Day 1 and exploring the ribcage more intimately. 

Day 4

Spinal oscillation

A seated practice similar to Day 2 to switch on muscle memory and encourage full diaphragmatic movement.

Day 5

The pelvis

A seated practice bringing awareness and attention to breath in the hips right from the sit bones, to hip crests, to pubic bone.

Day 6

The collar bones

Seated, we use the fingers to first trace the collar bones and then explore the length of these bones with our breath.

Day 7

Integrated practice

Integrating all the steps from the past 6 days; we work from pelvis to clavicle, tuning into each part of out breathing mechanism as we go.

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