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Anz Loveridge

230 Hour Yoga, Breath + Meditation Teacher

200 hour Ashtanga & Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher

I am a woman of many passions and loves, all of which in themselves are yoga. Yoga is unity with the moment, with yourself, your body, with nature, and with others.

I have been facilitating yoga and meditation experiences across the globe since 2017. Over the years my personal experience of yoga has shifted from achieving something outside of myself, to listening within.

The body knows how and where it wants to move if we give it permission to be heard. I facilitate classes that guide students towards a deeper intimacy with one's 'self', inspired by the natural rhythm's of nature and music.

When we focus on the breath, the world around us slows down, and we fall into a lull of being really in the moment.

Calm. Grounded. At one with who we really are. 

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