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The Potency Of Yoga

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

In 2019 I travelled to different ends of the world; teaching and living in the Transylvanian Mountains in Romania, training to be a Traditional Thai Masseuse in Thailand, and travelling to Italy for the real Italian experience with the beautiful Naki (and eating way too much food!). I finally decided to lay down some roots and nest in Bristol after 2 years of teaching across the globe.

Teaching in Romania at Akasha Wellness Retreat

There are parts of my heart sprinkled across continents, still beating with the excitement of memories, and very much present with the people that touched my soul. Each place I visited I found a home, I was cared for, nourished, and supported. You often think of a heart being shattered as a negative thing, but my heart was broken open to reveal deeper parts of myself that I never knew were there. Being vulnerable enough to learn how to love fully and accept those quirks about my personality that are simply part of being human. Nobody or no thing is perfect and this is the most exciting thing about life- there is always more to learn, new ways to grow.

Snippets of living on a farm in Thailand & Venice adventures with Naki

Arriving in Bristol I had this dream of a room with plants on the window sill, and rocks and driftwood on the mantelpiece. It’s funny these expectations we have. The reality of the move hasn’t been quite so straightforward. I’ve hopped around the city living in different houses as if I’m still travelling the globe. It’s been turbulent, a wild rollercoaster of unexpected twists and turns.

The dream of teaching full-time also fizzled; it lost its authenticity and almost felt rehearsed. For me, teaching has always been about sharing the gems of wisdom that can only be experienced personally on the mat. Sharing those moments of self-expression and bodily awareness that changed my life. To create space for students to connect with themselves and find this magical place within. Sometimes learning what doesn't work for you (although it can be hard to accept) helps you find what does truly work. I’ve revisited home within myself and have more to give!

So the reason I became a teacher is the reason I'm teaching less. I became a teacher as yoga helped me to finally understand myself, to fully listen to myself, and accept every part of my being. My uniqueness of character, interests, hobbies... they are all incomparable to anyone else. Knowing that I am imperfectly individual helps me to not be envious of others but admire then, not compare myself to others but see the beauty in our differences, not run away from a challenge but learn from the hardships. The clue has always there in the word Yoga meaning ‘to unite’, when you connect deeply with yourself, you can truly connect deeply with others.

Yoga set up in Pai, Thailand


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