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Beyond The Body

This blog helps us to imagine how our life might look and feel if we were to choose a new perspective, a new way to relate to our bodies and who we are beyond the body.

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Wanting The Body To Be Different

Sometimes a yoga pose doesn't look how we want it to or how we think it should look. This same thought pattern of wanting things to be different can also apply to the way that we relate to our body. There’s so much pressure put upon looking a certain way. Both myself, friends, and acquaintances all seem to have one thing that they would like to change about their appearance. And this wanting to be different can often be bundled up with guilt, shame, or a sense of failure.

In the past I have let how I look affect my sense of worth. What helped me overcome this hurdle was taking the time to go inwards and appreciate my body for what it is. A gift that enables me to laugh, sing, dance, walk, run, and even walk down the stairs!

When I close my eyes and let the attention go inwards, when I feel into any sensations of discontentment and let them be there without judgement, I see them for what they are- simply sensations. A fluctuation of mind which is as natural as the peaks and valleys of a mountain range. Most expectations of my body are often unattainable joys that once reached are substituted for a new ideal, and the cycle continues endlessly like the horizon of a mountain range.

This leaning into the future and wanting to be different is exhausting. It also pulls us away from the present and we miss days, weeks, even months and years of our life by worrying or wishing to be different from how we already are.

How much of our lives is consumed by worrying, wishing, and willing ourselves to be different? How much of our time are we truly living in the gift of the body that we have today?


I want to share this short and sweet practice to help with shifting perspective. To move away from those limiting self beliefs and step into a more embodied way of being. To experience firsthand how we can use movement and yoga as a way of accepting our bodies, thoughts, and emotions as they are.


Set aside 5+ minutes for yourself where you won't be disturbed, light a candle, and take the focus (drishti) inwards:

  1. How do you feel when you close down your eyes?

  2. Can you use the out breath to help ease any physical tension?

  3. Now listen, is there a part of you calling out to be moved?

  4. Start to move with the breath- maybe wild cat, neck circles, self massage. See what FEELS good.

  5. Notice if there is a part of you needing to be heard, accompanied? Answer this call by sending the breath to this place.

  6. If you feel frustrated our disconnected to your body know that this too is natural and okay, let the discontentment go with an audible sigh and physically move with it.

  7. When any resistance, negative thoughts, or frustration arrises- feel them in your body as sensations. Welcome them with a smile and use the out breath to ride the emotion out.

  8. Finish lying on your back or seated upright and take three deep in breaths, and three sighs of release.

You can use this practice daily, or perhaps at times when the mind is feeling overwhelmed with negative self talk. Remember that all thoughts and feelings are valid, and the particularly intense emotions will eventually lead you to greater resilience and strength.


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I also have you covered with top tips on how to Embrace Uncertainty in the face of unknown.


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