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Yin, Thai Massage & Yoga Nidra

The Self Wisdom Series

Unravel the layers of the physical and non-physical body in this 2-hour restorative journey back to the self; tapping into ancient wisdom rooted in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Indian Ayurveda.

Saturday 25th April 2020

2.00pm - 4.00pm

Wild Wolf's Yoga



Both Thai massage and yin yoga work with the energy lines of the body. By working these non physical layers we can release emotion whilst bringing balance to the internal organs, instilling a deep level of well-being.

You'll be guided into juicy prop assisted yin poses, I'll then help you melt deeper with therapeutic massage and touch based on the Traditional Thai Lineage.

The session finishes with an empowering Yoga Nidra Meditation, moving through the layers of yourself to plant a seed of self-acceptance. To take you deeper into a state of relaxation, I'll perform a humble sound bath with Indian Bamboo Bansuri Flute, Singing Bowls, and enchanting wind-chimes.

Expect all the gooey props, aromatherapy oils, live music, poem. A total indulgence for all the senses.

Stimulates energy lines to nourish visceral organs


Works deeply on the connective tissues & fascia


Reduces stress and anxiety


Improves joint mobility 

Boosts energy

Stimulates circulation 

Relieves headaches

Improves range of motion


This class is fully accessible to all levels. If you are working with a particular injury or pregnancy and would like to talk through it before booking get in touch.



Anything that you are comfortable in. Stretchy or baggy trousers, and a comfortable top. We'll have blankets to keep cosy but a nice jumper and socks may be extra gooey and indulgent.



Wild Wolf's is smack bang in the middle of Bristol, right next to St. Nicks Market & just above Mr Wolf's. It is easily accessible from the city centre in 10 - 30 mins either by foot, bike, bus, and train:

- Within easy walking distance from Stokes Croft, Glos Rd, Clifton, Bedminster, Easton, and the like. 

- Yobike is a great sustainable way to travel around be bike if you don't have your own just download the app.

- Temple Meads Train Station is just a 10 min walk away


- If you're coming from outside Bristol you can use the Brislington P&R service and get a bus right into the centre of town.


I want to make sure your practice is safe, yoga has many health benefits but some poses may be contraindicated if you have certain health conditions. If you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor before taking the class and let me know where applicable: epilepsy, heart conditions, Diabetes, high or low blood pressure, respiratory condition, pregnant, surgery (within 2 years), injuries, given birth (past 2 months). 




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