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Group Classes

I am currently in the forested peaks of Transylvania teaching a number of themed retreats this summer at Akasha Wellness, Romania. Click below to find out more about the unspoilt nature, natural therapies, plant-based meals, and detox options and escape to yogi heaven with me.

Private Classes

I offer 1 on 1 sessions or private classes for small groups. These environments are beautifully meditative and allow time for a deeper connection between; the student and the practice, and the student and the teacher.

Classes can be tailored to help you reach individual goals: be it strength, flexibility, weight loss, or even working towards a particular pose. You can specify the style of yoga to be Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga Led Classes, Mysore Ashtanga sessions, or a fusion of various other styles including Hatha and Yin influences. An element of meditation and pranayama (breath work) can also be incorporated.

Yoga for the workplace 

As an Event Sustainability Professional, I have given Keynote Speeches at numerous trade events covering the Social, Environmental, and Economic factors of events. I am now specialising in the Social Pillar of Sustainability and how that ties into yoga.

Stress and back pain are two key reasons for sickness in the workplace. With research stating that yoga can be an effective solution to these issues, and knowing from personal experience how it can improve psychological wellbeing, I am keen to share my passion and experience in this area. Get in touch to find out more about Keynote Speeches, yoga classes or workshops designed specifically for conferences, events and the workplace.

The beauty of yoga is that you can practice it wherever you are, you just need time and a little space for your mat. I will soon be offering online plans to help you start your own practice at home or on the road. Subscribe to my mailing list to get exclusive updates and receive free yoga and meditation videos to do at home, in bed, or on the road. 

Practice at home
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