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Breathing & Meditation Exercises 

These free meditation & breathing resources are informed by both the Western Science of CBT Mindfulness, Buddhist Mindfulness, & Yogic Techniques.

Meditation can seem daunting at first. Even once you have established a practice, some days it can be hard to sit still.


There is no right or wrong, just welcome what comes up. 

It's totally natural to be hesitant at first, but with practice it becomes easier to find that inner peace.


Some days my monkey mind is hopping all over the place & I can't concentrate. Some days I feel so blissed out & calm.

There is no right or wrong

The Journey starts here...

Breathing into the Moment 12 Min Meditation for CalmAnz
00:00 / 12:17

This short 12 minute recording briefly explains the meditation posture, before gently guiding listeners towards settling the busy mind through simply watching the breath as it enters & exists the body. 


Step into an ocean of calm 

in the city 

It’s always good to have an experienced teacher to guide you through any new skill. When it comes to starting a meditation practice this is even more essential as there are many intricacies to the mind. These practices require no previous experience, but I recommend first checking in with yourself to see what your intention is for the practice. If you are feeling emotionally or mentally unstable before you delve into your first practice, perhaps check with a close friend or even health practitioner to check that it is the right time for you to give it a go.

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