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About Us 


Anzahata is adapted from the Sanskrit word for Heart Chakra, Anahata. As the founder, Anz has studied with many teachers across the globe and has 530 hours of training in yoga, meditation, and breath practices.

Classes encourage students to listen to the heart wisdom for what they need in the moment and follow their intuition. There’s no need for flexibility, if you can breathe you can yoga.

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Retreat Within Yoga Bristol
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Bristol Yoga Classes

Join weekly Yoga Classes in Bristol to unwind physical tension, build confidence in your body, and connect with our yoga community.

Styles vary from Yin Yoga to Tantric Krama Vinyasa. 

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Thai Massage

A therapeutic approach to thai massage which uses a sequence of twists and stretches similar to yoga postures.

Thai massage is a healing practice on both a physical and energetic level and can be focused on releasing tension and balancing the nervous system. 

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1:1 Yoga Classes

Private 1:1 Yoga, Breath, and Meditation sessions in a more intimate setting to help you create a self practice personalised to your body, to deepen your bodily awareness and proprioception, or to help manage injuries and support joint strength. 

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670+ Hour Registered Yoga, Meditation & Breath Teacher in Bristol
Thai Massage Therapist, Holistic Massage & Sound Healer

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