Personalised Plans

Create your own routine at home

Want to find the motivation to practice at home?

Together we can create a plan that incorporates yoga, mindfulness, positive body image, meditation, breathing and anything else relevant to you.

Tailored Plan or Online Sessions

Work towards personal goals

Listen to your body



After years of teaching and travelling around the globe, I've had the privilege of learning new skills and adapting my practice to my body's needs and my mood.

I am offering a free 10 min consultation to anyone who would like to discuss creating an online plan. We'll talk through your personal goals and look at how we could map out a structured plan to help you achieve them. 

This goes beyond just yoga poses, perhaps you want to find more focus, mindfulness, or simply be more compassionate in your relationships with others.


Yoga and meditation are unique tools that can help you carve out a routine, build a positive mindset, and become more intone with your body, emotions, feelings, and surroundings.

Choose your timescale

Realise what's important to you


Create meaningful goals

Feel supported in your own journey

All levels ​

All Ages


No previous meditation or yoga practice necessary​