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Therapeutic Thai Massage

Traditionally Thai Massage was a physical application of Metta, loving kindness, a philosophic concept rooted in Buddhism.



Thai massage uses gentle pressure on key acupressure points linked to energy lines, stimulation supports and rejuvenates the flow of energy through the body boosting the physiological function and overall wellbeing. This is an ancient healing practice that originated in India and dates back to around 2,500 –7,000 years ago.


She'll move you into poses not too different to yoga shapes tying the poses together into an intuitive sequence tailored to the individuals needs. The massage is a moving meditation designed to offer relief to both mind and body.


Thai massage compliments a yoga asana practice by supporting the body with assisted yoga stretches, using pressure to dissolve physical tension, and combining breath to rebalance the body and allow for a greater flow of energy.

Reduces stress & releases emotional blockages

Boosts energy levels ​& wellbeing

Increases physiological functions 

Improves flexibility & mobility

Tibetan Bowl sound relaxation

Bansuri Bamboo Flute sound healing


Yoga Nidra meditation

Mantra and guitar serenade

60 Minutes        £45-55
75 Minutes        £55-65
90 Minutes        £65-75
Concessions      please enquire
Prices vary based on whether you crave a gooey dessert to finish the session

Thai massage is practice fully clothed some come in loose comfortable clothing. Your body temperature will drop as you relax so make sure you have a cosy jumper to stay warm.

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