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Meditation Retreat


Dive into a 7 day personal retreat using meditation as a tool to find greater focus, lower stress levels, increase self-esteem, sleep deeper, and instil a deep rooted sense of kindness towards yourself and others. Open to all ages, backgrounds, levels with no previous meditation or mindfulness experience needed.

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“When the breath wanders, the mind is unsteady, but when the breath is still, so is the mind still.”

Hatha Yoga Pradipika

The root of many of our struggles is this underlying current of unworthiness. "I'm not enough this" or "I'm too much that". At times it can feel almost impossible to feel happy with who we are and the opportunities we have in life.  

Breath and meditation are unique tools that can help you build a positive mindset and become more intune with your body, emotions, feelings, and surroundings.

After years of teaching around the globe and attending retreats, I have had the privilege of learning meditation from the Yogic, Buddhist, and Western perspective. This is an invitation to take time for your own personal retreat, to become absorbed into a sacred place within using ancient wisdom passed down from many generations before us.




Day 1

Coming home to the breath

Day 2

Open heart, open mind

Day 3

The art of letting go (tonglen)

Day 4

Clear sky awareness

Day 5

Balancing the flow of life

Day 6

Creating space to breathe

Day 7

Developing self compassion (RAIN)


✓ 7 meditations, 1 bonus meditation, and 2 explanation videos.

✓ Mindfulness, Breathing & Meditation practices to see beyond limiting thoughts.

✓ Move away from blaming yourself or others and find peace in what is.

✓ Find comfort within yourself both mentally and physically.

✓ Cultivate self-compassion during challenging situations.

 Embody the richness of presence today with a free taster meditation below.

Your free meditation has been sent to your email!

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