Breathing & Meditation for

Mindful Living

The Self-Wisdom Series

Living Mindfully is a way of being that helps you stay calm and centred, regardless of what life throws at you. Learn simple techniques that you can take away and put into practice in every day life.

Saturday 29 February 2020

4.30pm - 6.30pm

Trika Yoga


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This workshop isn’t about making drastic changes, it offers simple breathing and meditation techniques that can present you with a choice. A choice to be more present, more grounded, and feel happier day to day. We'll start with a teaching around Mindfulness, what this buzzword actually means before practicing together.

Breathing techniques are introduced as a means of first settling the mind. 

We then turn our attention to the thoughts and invite them to rest in the breath. The mind will inevitably wander and we’ll explore both seated and standing techniques that help the mind to settle. In this way we can arrive back to ourselves and the stillness within.

There will be a chance to ask questions if you wish at the end. There is no right and wrong when it comes to Mindfulness, there just is this, just living!

Calms the nervous system

Improves circulaltion

Lowers heart rate & blood pressure

Reduces effect of the stress hormone, Cortisol

Promotes emotional health

Steadies a busy mind

Increases focus & attention span

Enhances self awareness & self esteem


there is no need for a previous breathing or meditation practice. Each day your body naturally breathes for you, we won't be making any changes just watching how the breath goes in and out the body. The meditation part mixes seated and standing exercises to help reduce restlessness and show how mindfulness can be found in every moment of the day regardless of whether you are on the cushion or going about your every day. 



Anything that you are comfortable in. Stretchy or baggy trousers, and a comfortable top. We'll have blankets to keep cosy but a nice jumper and socks may be extra gooey and indulgent.



Trika is on North St in Bedminster & easily accessible from the city centre in 10 - 30 mins either by foot, bike, bus, and train:

- Yobike is a great sustainable way to travel around be bike if you don't have your own just download the app.

- There's trains to Bedminster Station via Southern Bristol Hamlets and Temple Meads.


- You can take bus numbers 24 (quickest), 76, and 75, check google maps for timetables.