Yin Glow to Slow Flow

Yoga + Massage

Unwind from the couch this Christmas and feed your body with two hours of sensory indulgence combining Yoga & Massage.

Sunday 29 December 2019

10.30am - 12.30pm

Trika Yoga


In Yin we chill out in poses for 3-5 mins using props to help us find the right shape for our unique bodies. As you surrender to gravity and sink deeper, I'll encourage the deeper connective tissues and fascia to fully relax with Traditional Thai Massage techniques

Arise from your gooey yin slumber to the ancient vibrations of a Tibetan sound bowl. Taking it slow but still strong, we'll ease into a grounding vinyasa sequence seamlessly tying the poses together with the breath.  Building heat to ignite our energy levels and free up the mind to find grounding and calm.

Stimulates energy lines to nourish visceral organs


Works deeply on the connective tissues & fascia


Reduces stress and anxiety


Improves joint mobility 

Strengthens and tones the body

Improves flexibility and circulation

Brings strength of mind and stamina

Rewires our physiological response to challenging situations


This class is fully accessible to all levels. If you are working with a particular injury or pregnancy and would like to talk through it before booking get in touch.



Anything that you are comfortable in. Stretchy or baggy trousers, and a comfortable top. We'll have blankets to keep cosy but a nice jumper and socks may be extra gooey and indulgent.



Trika is on North St in Bedminster & easily accessible from the city centre in 10 - 30 mins either by foot, bike, bus, and train:

- Yobike is a great sustainable way to travel around be bike if you don't have your own just download the app.

- There's trains to Bedminster Station via Southern Bristol Hamlets and Temple Meads.


- You can take bus numbers 24 (quickest), 76, and 75, check google maps for timetables. 


Any other questions let me know


I'll also get in touch from time to time with meaningful


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